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openvz package verification

All the packages that are released by OpenVZ project are digitally signed by OpenVZ GPG key. Thus, you can check that those packages are indeed came from OpenVZ.

1 Public and private keys
1.1 OpenVZ public key
2 Checking RPM packages
3 Checking files
3.1 Importing the public key
3.1.1 From a local file
3.1.2 From the default keyserver
3.1.3 From the keyserver
3.2 Checking the signature

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openvz setup

This document briefly describes the steps needed to install OpenVZ on your RHEL 6 (CentOS 6, Scientific Linux 6) machine.

For Debian based systems, please see Installation on Debian.
A commercial version of OpenVZ is available, which simplifies installation with a single disk as well as supports networked installation using PXE boot. To learn more about Parallels Cloud Server and request a free trial, please see

1 Requirements
1.1 /vz file system
1.2 yum pre-setup
2 Kernel installation
3 System configuration
3.1 sysctl
3.2 SELinux
4 Tools installation
5 Reboot into OpenVZ
6 Download OS templates
7 Next steps

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